Friday, 16 November 2007


5 Buff tracks

Metallica - Orion
You may know this as the riff Shadow used for "Number Song", but that song is pish compared to this track. It's fupping huge, and anyone who says otherwise needs some more hair on their chest and a gallon of mead in their belly(helps the former).

Bongo Ossie & the Moonlights - Black Society
This track is available on the PK Records compilation, "Glory Dominion Power Majesty" by Half Moon. I've been listening to a lot of dub and reggae lately, and this is just a perfect track. The whole comp is good in fact, actually everything they release is worth hearing.

Blonde Redhead - In Particular
They've never really broken out for some reason, but "Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons" is a dope album, and this is the pick of the tracks.

Midlake - Kingfish Pies
They've gone all Fleetwood Mac now, surprisingly well actually, given that I hate "Rumours", but this is spazz-kraut-disco par excellence. Check out the Stereo "Way Out East" skate video for a nice London sequence using this as a soundtrack.

Goblin - Mad Puppet
This is from the Profondo Rosso soundtrack, and the Psychonauts used it as the basis for their track "Circles". Goblin did so much amazing music, from gay disco to prog to synth madness, pick out any album and it is bound to be interesting. I've never actually seen Profondo Rosso, but Zombi 2 has an underwater fight between a zombie and a shark - how fresh is that?

Monday, 21 May 2007

Vinyl in Canada

I was given an excuse to leave Japan and get back to Toronto for a few weeks. I was absolutely delighted. That meant I could buy CDs and records for less than 2500-3500yen, and mix CDs and samplers for much much less than 1200yen - srry spacemoth (though that mix CD is brilliant). Upon my return I realized how wonderful a state the Canadian record shops are in. CDs are now selling somewhere between $11 (feist) and $17 (blonderedhead) and new LPs are averaging $15 or $16 dollars -- most of them with a digital copy of the album included. The amateur economist in me thinks I should abandon this topic before I embarrass myself; the shopper in me is frankly embarrassed by how much I spent. But before I stop I have to share my prize find. In a record shop on Queen St. I found an autographed copy of Pet Shop Boys's Please on vinyl, which I bargained down to $5 (no tax). Isn't that just wicked?! SN340132.jpg Please is just such a brilliant album. West End Girls has to be one of my favourite songs in the universe ----- if--- when--- why ---- what --- howmuch have you got? Neil Tennant voice is perfect for the talk-rap! It is so thin. How wicked! ***sorry to my recipient for being late onthe mailout. Your CD is, however, in the post.***

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Andrew's top 5 theme tunes and incidental musics

I too have linked the titles to the corresponding videos on youtube.

1. The Mysterious Cities of Gold
I don't want to be some kind of copycat but I have to agree with Graeme and put this at number 1. This epic theme tune still somehow fills me with hope.

2. Ironside (incidental music)
Quincy Jones's theme tune is pretty reasonable (it's the one they used in Kill Bill) but it doesn't interest me, to be honest. The music I like is a brilliant bit of incidental music that happens only in some episodes, usually after a long period of quiet atmosphericity. It's a crisp, clanging, rolling drum solo. I can't find an example to link to, but for something similar listen to In a Silent Way/It's About That Time from In a Silent Way by Miles Davis, and listen to the change in the drumming about halfway through. That is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. I used to sit next to the TV so I could turn the volume up to maximum when this music came on for a mere 5 or 6 seconds. This was when I was a student and could have been getting my degree instead.

3. Pole Position
Pounding car-race excitement. Written by the presumably unpleasant media mogul Haim Saban. Sometimes it takes a bastard to write a truly exciting song though.

4. St Elsewhere
When I listened to this on youtube I realised that this is the music by which I judge all other music. When I am listening to something, a dark and confused part of my mind is silently comparing it to the St Elsewhere music. 'Yes', says my mind, 'but is it as good as the theme from St Elsewhere?' This is alarming, because it's really pretty bad. But listen to the bass! I could listen to that bass indefinitely. According to this title sequence the real and serious actor Denzel Washington was in this programme.

5. Petrocelli
This theme tune is a bit of a mish mash, but I bloody like it. And I now see that it was by Lalo 'Mission Impossible' Schifrin, which just shows you. Petrocelli - a lawyer with an excellent briefcase and a liberal outlook - usually ended up defending people for free so he drove a rubbish car and didn't have a proper house. His wife understood though. Just like real life.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

nick f's top ten tv theme tunes

Well, here is my top ten. For your multimedia, hyperlinked viewing and listening pleasure, all the programme titles are linked - via the magic of YouTube - to videos of the opening credits of the programmes in question...
1. Doctor Who
Like Graeme says: off the scale. It was updated every couple of Doctors, I think, but the early 80s version was the greatest, in my opinion, because it's the one with the big explosion at the end that you can join in with by making a big exploding sound and jumping off the sofa (which you have, of course, been dancing on). I find that to be the best way of getting into the mood for watching an episode of Doctor Who.
Actually, by a curious coincidence, only a couple of weeks ago I was watching an interview on YouTube from the mid-80's, in which a man from the BBC Radiophonics Workshop demonstrates the making of the Doctor Who theme tune. I think anyone with a fondness for synthesisers will find it 8 minutes and 22 seconds well spent. It may be viewed here.
2. Twin Peaks
Interestingly, the greatest TV series ever also had the second greatest theme tune ever.
3. Battle of the Planets
It is surely impossible not to jump around the room while listening to this tune.
4. The A-Team
A tune I regularly whistle, even to this day, as I walk down the street or purchase a sandwich, and which never fails to make me feel heroic.
5. Poirot
Excellently moody, with strangely acceptable saxophone. There was a moment in Poirot where the eponymous Belgian detective hero, on being served two boiled eggs for breakfast in a hotel restaurant, said: "I cannot possibly eat these eggs: they are of completely different sizes." That complaint has remained something that I regularly mull over to this very day.
6. Dallas
I have a memory from when I was about eight of being quite taken aback at being suddenly yelled at to SHUT UP! by a girl sitting across from me because I was singing the Dallas theme tune over and over and over while drawing. Ner-ner ner-ner ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner! I have a vague memory that Dallas used to be on after Dr. Who or the A-Team or something, so I'd always stay up just to watch the opening credits and dance to the music. I never actually watched it, though - not even one episode.

7. Mission: Impossible
Like Dallas, another programme I never actually watched. I'm hesitant to put it on this list because, unlike Dallas, I don't think I ever even caught the title sequence. However, I suppose I must have heard it somewhere or I wouldn't know it, and it is a brilliant, brilliant theme tune. It's also notable for being in an adventurous time signature (five beats to the bar, should you be interested...)
8. Grange Hill
Wa-wa wa waaaaah!
9. Fraggle Rock
Cast your cares away, worries for another day!
10. Knight Rider
For that sinister waka-chaka sound that goes through the whole thing.

alex`s top ten tv theme tunes

1. This Life - by 'The Way Out'.
It makes me very nostalgic about that time in the 90's when it was all about Blur vs. Oasis and I was sitting my GCSE exams. I fucking LOVED this programme.
2. The Royle Family, 'Half the World Away' - by Oasis.
Classic Oasis from a time when they were half-good. Again, reminds me of past 'Cool Britannia' and that infamous album which the song is off. I always wanted the theme-tune to carry on, but it only lasted about 25 seconds. The show itself was comedy genius.
3. This Morning
Very muzak-y, saxophone driven. Could have been performed by Kenny G for all I know (who is someone I have an irrational hatred for). But, again, it is in my Top Ten for nostalgic reasons. I think I woke up to this programme for the entire 3 years of University. It is quite catchy in a way that makes you want to slit your wrists whilst learning new hair tips.
4. Queer as Folk (UK Version)
More nostalgia of being in my teens and watching this show with the door closed, hoping that no-one would walk in and catch me. The tune was all guitary and optimistic with a bit of tribal sounding yelps. So nineties, so brilliant.
5. Thundercats
I had a good amount of figurines and could be heard singing along to the theme-tune at full volume as a child/ adult.
6. Byker Grove - (inspired) by Kane Gang.
You'll have to be a Brit to know about this. This is special as it reminds me of every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon between about 4.50 and 5.20 pm when I had got home from school and was eating my family out of house and home sat in front of the TV. It was way ahead of its time ... a bit on the happy hardcore/ acid side of things. I liked the titles of the cast jumping on trampoline's. And, I liked the high pitched "ha ha, ha ha" at the end of the tune.
7. Eldorado
I guarantee I will be the only person in history to mention this short-lived soap-opera in a top ten of anything. I must have been the only person watching the BBC's serial about ex-pats living in the Costa Del Sol. The theme tune usually cleared out my living room, apart from me. I liked the sunny visuals and the euphoric ditty. Of course, the show itself was complete shite.
8. Friends - by The Rembrandts.
Yes, probably one of many people's most hated theme-tunes, but I happened to really like the show throughout my teens and will still watch it very occasionally at 25 years old. I remember being a quite excited 13 year old when the cast appeared in the video for the song and it was broadcast on 'Top of the Pops' on BBC 1. Christ, the magic of TV really dies as soon as you hit your twenties.
9.Cheers - by Gary Portnoy.
Probably one of the few theme-tunes i know word-for-word and have sung during karaoke in Japan ... more than once.
10. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - by Will Smith & Quincy Jones.
Predictable, but it is a pretty good tune as theme-tunes go. I recently saw there was a group honouring it on 'Facebook'. Something like, 'I can recite all the words to the Fresh Prince theme-tune' group. I did NOT join. I like the theme-tune, but I still have respect for myself.

t.v. top ten by elnie

1. Veronica Mars: "We Used to be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols

2. The O.C.: "California" by Phantom Planet

3. Freaks and Geeks: "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett

4. Gilmore Girls: "Where You Lead" by Carole King

5. Grosse Point: "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7. Beverly Hills, 90210

8. Fresh Prince

9. Blossom

10. Doogie Howser, M.D. For the most part, my love for the theme songs coincides nicely with my love for the show. And in all cases, I make some attempt (full-hearted to half-hearted, in the order you see here) to sing along. When trying to remember the Doogie theme-song, I may inadvertently shift into the 90210 theme song, but they really work together quite nicely. Maybe someone should make a remix. I admit I can't recall the Blossom theme off the top of my head, but I do remember that it was pretty much awesome, and the credits involved lots of hats and dancing and a somersault at the end. Whoa!

graeme`s top ten tv programme incidental music

1 mysterious cities of gold
2 twin peaks
3 ren and stimpy show (particularly space madness sections)
4 lonely planet
5 def ii
6 thundercats
7 kids in the hall
8 nypd blue season one
9 moomin anime
10 stingray
11 fresh prince
# doctor who... it`s beyond being in the top ten, right?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

favourites iv

parte the fourth

although this is rapidly descending into a self-indulgent kevin costner-style vanity project, i`m quite enjoying trailing through my life and thinking about those albums that really stand out as having shaped my memories, or even my character in some way. there is a point to all this by the way. you`ll find out in the next post. anyway, this is probably the last of the `inbetween days` kind of stuff, and then i`ll get onto the more contemporary stuff which will hopefully stop you shuffling your feet in nervous embarrassment when you hear me talk so passionately about the next album, which just so happens to be, ah, eh, uh, um...

u2 - zooropa
i remember waiting in the car one saturday afternoon while my dad nipped into woolworth`s to buy the new u2 album achtung baby. sometimes when my brother would be playing at home, me and my dad would head out on saturdays taking the dog for a walk in remote country places, usually just hanging out and talking while he set up his equipment and waiting to photograph rare birds or whatever. but part of the fun was always listening to the music he played in the car. half of it i ended up despising (small faces, deep purple, stevie winwood, bob dylan) half of it undoubtedly had influence on me wether i like to admit it or not (kinks, big audio dynamite, mike oldfield). u2 riddle my early childhood, but had the next few minutes never happened, i`m always worried my cd collection may have slipped into the desolate wasteground that is the latest `now` compilation, mercury music prize winners and the soundtrack to `pulp fiction`. luckily my dad came rushing back, in the sunshine, hopped into the car, said "i heard this on the radio last night, son... listen to this!" pumped the volume up louder than any dad is technically allowed to, and as the car took off, the city faded away, the opening drum beats of zoo station kicked in, and THAT guitar intro followed, i had the shock of my life and was undoubtedly changed forever! fast forward two years, we`re on holiday in london, my mum and brother are off hunting for hi-tops at some market somewhere, my dad and me are flicking through a stall selling cheap bootleg cassette tapes from germany and there it is... "hey dad, isn`t that...?" "oh my god son! the new u2 album! and it isn`t even out yet! here`s your 50p mate. tell yer mum we`ll wait for her in the car". i don`t know if it was the fact even at that age i understood the concept of illegal material, or the fact it was such a cheap ass copy that sounded like it was recorded underwater, but sitting in that car with my dad a second time, on another sunny (london) morning, waiting for my mum and bro to catch up, and just listening to zooropa float in and out of nowhere remains one of the happiest memories of my life. and it changed my life in a completely different way than the last album had. i thought the lyrics were the most profound thing i`d ever heard, the title track being made up of slogans from advertising, babyface a song about a guy who falls in love with an actress he can freeze-frame on video tape, and numb well, almost like a manifesto, you can image the effect that had on an impressionable thirteen year old. ha ha ha. lots of people i know didn`t get the zoo tv thing at all, or think u2 are nothing but dumb corporate rock, but at that age i thought it was all just so damn clever. i`ll save my love for the zootv/zooropa concerts for another post. back to the album, the rest of that trip was soundtracked by it. we all came away with our favorite songs that in a way probably give you the simplest and easiest biography of my family out there... my mum liked somedays are better than others, my dad of course likes the wanderer, my brother still feels carsick when he hears babyface and thinks lemon is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. and me, it was always faraway so close despite the fact our bootleg tape ran it at half the real speed and i find the official cd version uncomfortably fast! another perfectly crafted ten song album, that just floats in and out like a dream and leaves you wanting more. this album should really be credited as zooropa by u2, brian eno and flood. devouring every last inch of the packaging and credits for hidden messages (of which there are many apparantly), zooropa is also the first time i noticed the importance of producers on albums, and personally i think it`s about time they started to get more recognition and credit among people other than music otaku, because even a shite band can sound amazing with the right people at the controls. if you don`t believe me, check out the aforementioned mercury music prize awards.*

* i know portishead won once, but that was in the early days. and the album pj harvey won for was just gash and an insult to her earlier work.

lush - spooky / slowdive - souvlaki
confession time: i was a teenage shoegazer! in between my love for vangelis and mo`wax headz being released, 4ad and the whole shoegazing scene came in and offered me a bridge. i`d made friends with the girl working at the local library who used to recommend me stuff that, looking back on it, was really a bit too sophisticated for my age and i`m not really sure i understand all the implications of it yet. anyway, i had spooky and souvlaki on either side of 90 minute cassette tape that i`d made my own artwork for, combining a piss-poor attempt at the anemone from the cover of former, and even worse line drawing of rachel the singer of the latter, and i thought it was the coolest thing ever! that`s one more thing i hate about mp3s… no chance slaving away cutting and folding card to make your own covers. anyway, anyone reading these posts must think my teenage years are torn between trying to justify bog-standard indie dirge as `deep`; and moping alone in my bedroom with the stereo up full when i failed. but i was an insomniac even as a kid and have lots of memories sitting up late, watching the rain and just listening to moody music drawing or teasing my cat or just writing letters or whatever. i liked this tape because both albums take you to a completely different world. it doesn`t really sound like music that real people could make. especially not british people. it sounds like the sort of weird filmic retro-future world you see in moebius comics and 2000ad. well, if those comics were primarily love stories... i don`t have either of these albums anymore, and as much as i want to hear them again, i`m worried they will never quite live up to my own memory of them.* lush`s for love and slowdive`s machine gun are still songs i sing to myself when i`m waiting for the bus at night or walking home in the dark when i find out i didn`t have enough money for the ticket.

*i remember listening to the morr music comp `blue skied n clear` for the first time before i realised what it actually was. and I was thinking, wait a minute, isn`t that... what the hell is this? i still find it difficult to listen to that comp these days for the nostalgia it brings…

here`s a picture of miki lush in a miniskirt... just because i`m the admin for this blog and can do what i want... complaints will be duly ignored...

curve - doppelganger
words can`t describe how much i love this album. i got a copy of it from one of my friends older sisters, with broken by nine inch nails on the other side. i was totally in love with her cuz she was cool and working and grown up, and everything that the girls around me were not. she introduced me to jesus and marychain and sonic youth and siouxie and the banshees and all that stuff...

anyway, i took it with me when i travelled through to dundee one time to hang out with this family friend who i was quickly beginning to despise now we were growing up. i must have been fourteen or fifteen at this point at dundee was a pretty far enough away place to be traveling to by myself. whereas my days were spent thinking about manga, chinese food and video nasties, my `friend` had a growing fascination with army surplus and `chicks` as he called them, but `hounds` is a word i would prefer to use. he took me into dundee saturday afternoon, to hang out in the shopping centre. i loved it because they had a newly opened virgin megastore with a place to listen to any cd/12” you wanted, and the complete series of twin peaks on video. but he kept coming in every five minutes, saying "come on we have to go" and i`d be like, "go where?" and it always turned out to be hanging OUTSIDE the virgin megastore with his bunch of obnoxious mates nervously trying to score with the usual crowd of nasty girls. i was having none of it, and kept disappearing back into virgin (ironic, huh?), and he would keep coming after me cuz i guess i gathered him extra attention being a new face or whatever. until it reached the point where we got so pissed off with each other i told him to fuck off, he punched me in the face and i ditched him to wander round the city by myself. i had no idea about dundee and got totally lost, but two great things happened that day. one was finding this old torn down church near a small park where all the goths and skaters and people i could actually be friends with hung out, and meeting a girl who was so much my type she eventually became my first girlfriend of sorts (as short lived as it was being two fourteen or fifteen year old kids living miles apart). the second great thing was not going to stay at his house for the night as arranged, but spending the last of my pocket money buying my own train ticket home and walking back in the middle of the night to anxious, and furious parents. and the only thing i had to keep me company that day was this tape of doppleganger, which i played for the first time as i walked away from my friend in disgust, crying and bleeding. i fell in love with the sound of it so much i played it over and over and never even made it to nine inch nails on the other side. i think toni halliday might still be my favorite singer actually, despite not really liking the last couple of curve albums. but every song on this is just gold, and once again the flood production is just mind-blowing. originally i was going to write about how garbage are just a complete rip-off of curve, but i guess i`m in a nostalgic mood today… anyway, the epilogue to this whole story is that having this tape on me, in my walkman, at that exact moment and taking the headphones out my ears to tell her what I was listening too was what initially sparked my girlfriends first interest in me. so doppelganger is an album given to me by a girl i was in `love` with, and passed onto a girl who fell in love with me… all in the space of one weekend. rather poetic considering the whole thing sounds like slow painful black death. but for me i listen to it and am just filled with hope and possibility.

Monday, 14 May 2007

favourites iii

parte the thirde

the delgados - domestiques lots of delgados fans swear by peloton, which i like, and is definately more sophisticated but it just doesn`t catch the energy of their debut album. next to the cure, this has to be the best guitar album ever made. every song is an absolute gem. the production on it is amazing... it`s so jangly and loud and homemade, and there`s so many thrashy out of tune bits, weird strings, alternating male/female vocals, impenetrable lyrics, and unashamed scottish accents! i guess technically it shouldn`t work, but man, i wish all albums sounded like this. i remember when this came out i went to see a chemikal undergound night at the jaffa cake in edinburgh... delgados, urusei yatsura, and one of the first live shows by mogwai. delgados came on last and just blew the other two away. unlike those before, it was so dirty and rough and inspiring and completely unpretentious. i guess one of the good things about the delgados is they were constantly evolving, and changing their sound. but personally i wish they had done just a little bit more in this era. guess they were too busy setting up chemikal underground. all the singles and b-sides from this period are wicked too... i wish they would put out a `deluxe` cd (like everyone else) including monica webster and lazarwalker, cinecentre etc. it`s one of the few i would definately consider buying again. overall delgados are easily my favourite band, they didn`t recorded anything shite and they had the good sense to split up before they did recording anything shite. actually, i heard they split up because they were "fed up putting so much time and effort into something they never felt got the recognition it deserved". it`s such a shame, if you have time please drop them a line and remind them how much we do appreciate them, and how much they are missed!

the auteurs - after murder park the cover of this album is just amazing. it`s printed on this really rough card, and just looks, smells and feels like one of those scary blown-up black and white murder scene photos you find on late night documentaries accompanied by eerie piano numbers. you totally get the atmosphere of the album before you even put it in the player. (incidently, the inside photo features an early work by chris cunnigham, and the photo luke haines claims chris based his whole career on…) a concept album about a small town child murder... it`s a wonder luke haines doesn`t have more fans. a lot of people are put off not by the content, but by his gruff almost 80s soft-rock metal voice. but i never hear it that way, and i think it`s just perfect for the hardened mariner style tracks near the end of the album. i love the atmosphere of this album, dusty small country town at the turn of the century, during the dawn of early aviation. goggles, leather hoods and jodphurs. pilots and sailors facing each other off, drinking until sunrise in smokey pubs with petrified swordfish hanging on the walls. everyone gossiping about the missing child, knowing that the killer is probably among them. i always think of the town in the original `village of the damned` movie, or the country back-roads in tintin books. the cello is beautiful on this album, i wish more people would use one in rock music. there`s so many great lines in this album too... `came in contact with a svengali.../ he choked on a whalebone in a cantonese resteraunt / his nervous system had broken down` or how about `more hatemail through the door, didn`t know that sunday`s could be useful after all`. why this doesn`t make it into everyones top ten albums is beyond me. cuz we`re not all closet goths, huh!

pj harvey - to bring you my love here`s a trick... buy yourself a 90 minute tape, stick after murder park on one side, and this on the other and you have the perfect collection of murder ballads. it`s freaky but this album seems to compliment after murder park in every way. the same atmosphere, same production sound. even the original jackets were printed on the same rough stock. if you look hard enough you might even say a lot of the songs mirror the auteurs album in theme and storytelling. like pj and luke sat down over an ale and planned to write the story of small town village life from male and female perspectives. ach, maybe it`s all just coincidence for buying them both on the same day way back when... i still get a shiver down my spine everytime down by the water swims in. my one regret is the c`mon billy b-sides and the later that was my veil collabaration with john parish weren`t included on this album. but thanks to itunes, they do now! anyone else edit and combine their own albums out there?! cut out the duff tracks and bring in the forgotten b-sides... not to mention trimming guitar solos out of songs n` the like. i seem to be doing it all the time these days, that`s no dobut why all the shitey albums i`m listing here sound good to me...

oasis - definately maybe i`m not sure i really trust any british person, who was a teenager to mid-twenties when this came out, and doesn`t agree it`s probably the best and most influential album of the 90s*. it changed everything, for the better! and one of the few albums from the time that still sound good today. * (along with maybe nevermind and music has the right, i suppose...)

stereolab - emperor tomato ketchup the best album i never bought. i went into woolworths one day, with this really old copy of guns n fuckin roses lies lies lies! (which happened to be one of the first cds i ever bought). told them it was an unwanted birthday present (that`s why i didn`t have the reciept you see). i got really cocky about it too, saying things like my mum and dad do their best, but really they just don`t understand young kids tastes. and then asked if i could swap it for something else! to my surprise they said ok. even more incredible, they took me on my word when i said it had cost 14.99!!! the hardest part was finding something cool in woolworths to swap it for. but amongst the shelves of reduced indie and eurodance one hit wonders, to my surprise i found stereolab... for only 12.99. i don`t know why it was there. perhaps someone`s out-of-town cousin had tried to put them onto good music and bought them it for a birthday present, but they hated it so pulled the same trick i did and swapped it for eiffel 66 or something? anyway, i snapped it up immediately and i think i even grabbed some maltesers or a reduced menswear single or something to make up for the price difference. i took it back home, and this was another one were the inclusion on this list is largely down to the fact the first time i heard it was when i was home alone and could crank the volume up until the walls shook. if you don`t believe me, and havn`t heard it before, grab a copy yourself and do the same thing... it`s got probably the best intro to any album! so anyway, i think i had the guts to go back the next day, and try the same trick at john menzies. i tried to swap another shitey old cd for a copy of eraserhead or something. unfortunately i didn`t reckon on two important points: 1. they had a computerised cataloguing system with no record of any copies of fuckin crash test dummies being sold at any point in the last three hundred fuckin years or so. and 2. that whinging prick security gaurd they used to have pure fingered me as a troublemaker on account of having gotten myself thrown out of the shop (along with a few other members of this mix exchange i might add) for causing a ruckus at the magazine department a week or two ago (i think we were scanning mags for game cheats, which we used to always be a valuable way to kill time on a saturday afternoon). that security gaurd man, he was a prick. he had this weedy pencilly shoepolish brush moustache and he pure modelled himself on fuckin don johnson in miami vice or something. i wish i could remember some of the bad boy lines he used to throw at us. i seem to remember something like `if i ever catch you boys in a dark alley late at night, i`ll show you what for!` earning an instant reply (from guess who? not me!) that went something along the lines of: `aye right ye fuckin arse-bandit bufty bawbag` to the shock of all the onlooking middle-aged mothers. that left us all in his badbooks anyway, and he wouldn`t let me weedle my way out of it. so i ended up going home with crash test dummies (which i still have to this day) and having to pay the full ridiculous `art cinema classic` price of 16.99 for eraserhead. still, it was an 18-rated video and they didn`t even notice, the fools! and a couple of weeks later, i fuckin half inched dazed and confused from the same place just to learn the bastards!

the verve - a northern soul
it took me a while to get into the verve. they were never really that popular back in the day, and not many people listened to them. it was niall on the exchange who had been into them since the first ep, and he gave me a copy of northern soul on a 90min cassette filled up with all the b-sides and some other stuff. i never even played it, until one day, my family were moving house, and they had driven over to dundee to puruse home stores and look for furniture, and i got bored and decided to wait in the car and listen to music. the car was parked in an odd place with not much too look at but corrugated iron, and i was fed up with the chemical brothers dj tape so i put this on. and i felt guilty at not having listened to it before because it was just amazing! my parents took so long i almost got all the way through it twice, and not having any other distractions at all i just kinda half dozed off and let the whole thing wash over me. the first few tracks are like a kick to the head, and it just keeps on going. i love it because it`s another album that sounds like a well constructed whole, with lots of musical and lyrical repetition and references. and there`s so much going on in all the tracks, i still listen to it and hear new sounds. i have to say my favourite track on the album (other than this is music and lifes an ocean) is the piano version of on your own which is actually a b-side niall tacked on the end. it`s so sad and beautiful, and true, it really rung home when i was sitting alone in the car on a sunny afternoon waiting for my parents to stop shopping. don`t take my word for it, just listen to it sometime. i remember rushing over to nialls house later that night and telling him how good it was and how we should go and see them live, and he told me something like they were just about to release their last single, history because they had just split up. i was gutted. until a few years later it turned out in fact they hadn`t completely split up, and came back with another album which to this day i have refused to listen to just on account that nothing could possibly live up to the first track, which, next to imagine, is undoubtably the best song ever written...

the doors - strange days never really sure where to put this one, so i`ll use it to round off today`s selection. doesn`t every teenage boy go through a stage where they listen to nothing but the doors constantly for three months on end? i think girls do it too, only with david bowie. i love every one of the doors real albums, but none as much as this. it`s so dark and moody and brilliantly put together. and again such a great cover. this is an album that even these days still finds it`s way to my cd player, and i don`t think i will ever tire of hearing it. that`s all I can really say.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

quick poll

For the sake of a very important project (v.i.p.) that a friend of mine is doing, please weigh-in on what you consider to be your top three choices for the Best American Rock Band. Stick 'em in the comments. Thanks! Oh, and I'll post the results once they've all been collected and tallied.